Academic Quality & Results

Academic Quality & Results

Long Close is a school where academic excellence is nurtured and achieved. Our outstanding teachers give individual attention to every pupil, setting the bar higher than would be expected nationally, and instilling a strong work ethic that brings richly deserved results.


Long Close students celebrated outstanding 2020 GCSE results. 99% of the grades achieved were  Grade 5 and above across all papers while  86% of pupils achieving Grade 6 and above in all subjects.

Other highlights from the results include:

100% of all pupils achieved grade 5 and above in English and Maths

100% of all pupils achieved grade 5 or above in 8 or more subjects

 English Language

65% pupils achieved Grade 7 and above compared to National Average of 19%

35% pupils achieved Grade 8 and above compared to a National Average of 9%


59% pupils achieved Grade 7 and above compared to a National Average of 19%

47% pupils achieved Grade 8 and above compared to a National Average of 10%

Triple Science

100% students achieved Grade 7 and above in all Triple Science papers

80% achieved Grade 8 and above in Chemistry compared to a National Average of 34%

60% achieved Grade 8 and above in Biology compared to a National Average of 33%

Computer Science

80% pupils achieved Grade 6 and above compared to a National Average of 49%

 Top performing students:

Abhinav Chakravarty –   10 GCSEs             8 Grade 9; 1 Grade 8 and 1 Grade 7

Layla Patel, Head Girl    10 GCSEs             2 Grade 9 and 8 Grade 8

Sunpreet Multani            10 GCSEs             5 Grade 9; 3 Grade 8; 1 Grade 7 and 1 Grade 5

Avneet Bains                     9 GCSEs                 1 Grade 9; 6 Grade 8; 2 Grade 7 and 1 Grade 6

Other Key achievements include:

49% of students achieved Grade 9 in one or more GCSEs

76% of students achieved Grade 8 in one or more GCSEs

Average of Grade 7 across entire cohort and all subjects

52% of pupils took 10 GCSEs

Miss K Nijjar, Headteacher said: “Despite the challenging times of Lockdown, our pupils have shown incredible resilience and adaptability. We are so proud of how hard they worked, and these incredible results are a testimony to the commitment of pupils and teachers to maintain high standards of education, whatever the circumstances.

“Our small class sizes enable teachers to understand their students as individuals and provide bespoke support to ensure every child progresses. As well as online lessons, teachers regularly checked in with students throughout Lockdown to see how they were doing from a wellbeing perspective. We were delighted when our Voice of the Student survey revealed that 89% of students felt that the key elements which make online learning successful were being delivered effectively.

“In the face of the Covid-19 adversity, I can honestly say that our staff team and pupils rose to the occasion. As a school, we have used this time positively and made some exciting changes to our provision that will start in September.”

Although Year 11 children were unable to take GCSEs this year, Long Close School replaced the exams with its Inspiring Futures programme. The Programme started in the Summer term and focused on non-academic character developments such as leadership, communication, teamwork, creativity and emotional intelligence. The programme proved so successful that it will now form part of the Year 11 curriculum moving forward.

From September 2020, Long Close School is also launching two additional initiatives designed to provide students and families with the best possible support in all circumstances. This includes all students in Year 3 and above receiving free laptops during the academic year of 2020/2021.

A new wellbeing initiative will also be starting in the School from September. AS (Affective Social) Tracking is an adolescent mental health tracking tool that enables schools to identify pupils’ hidden risks early. This equips teachers with targeted action plans to reduce pupils’ mental health and wellbeing risks and is part of Cognita Schools’ global commitment to putting mental health and wellbeing at the centre of a well-balanced education.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 50% of all mental health conditions begin by the age of 14. During this time, children and young people spend more waking hours in school than anywhere else.  Evidence shows that a proactive focus that equips all young people to understand and self-regulate their own wellbeing impacts positively on their personal development and academic success. Wellbeing is the foundation of a Cognita Education and integral to our overall purpose of ‘Providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed’.

Long Close School is holding Virtual Open Mornings on the following dates:

Saturday 19 September at 10.00am: Year 3 – Year 11

Wednesday 23 September at 10.00am: EYFS and KS1

Friday 9 October at 10.00 am: All Key Stages

Friday 20 November at 10.00 am: All Key Stages

For more information and to book a place, click here.


65% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in English Language 


100% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in all Triple Science papers


59% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in Maths 


80% of pupils achieved Grade 8 or above in Chemistry 


49% of students achieved Grade 9 in one or more GCSEs


60% of pupils achieved Grade 8 or above in Biology 

Prep School Results

GL assessments are undertaken every year across the country and in British Curriculum Schools worldwide, with benchmarks of above 112 by the end of Year 6 representing high achievement.  Therefore, success obtained is a measure of the outstanding teaching occurring within the school.

GL assessment enables us to check the accuracy of attainment within a national context and is also a good preparation for those wanting to sit 11+ in Year 6 as it is the system used by Buckinghamshire.

For the academic year 2018/19 we are delighted to announce a second year of increased of our scores, with the average scores as follows:

 Year groupMaths ScoreEnglish Score
Year 1118.8117.2
Year 2118.9120.3
Year 3116.5120.2
Year 4119.9117.1
Year 5119.9114.2
Year 6107.5114.2

In our Junior School many children opt to sit the 11+ Plus exam and are offered a place at a selective secondary school of their choice.

Their success is due to a combination of natural ability and the teaching and experiences they have received from our Nursery onwards.

The specific 11 Plus preparatory work our experienced teachers deliver from Year 3 gives our pupils a certain advantage.  We are proud of our academic achievements and high quality teaching.

Preparation for 11+ has always been a tradition at Long Close and many pupils continue to secure places at our local grammar schools.  We understand that a large grammar school is not suitable for all pupils and our regular tracking and monitoring enables us to support all pupils to the journey to success.

2018/19 EYFS Profile Results

Our test results in the EYFS profile far exceed the National Average.  For the academic year 2018/19,

83 % of the Reception children, including those with identified Learning Support (SEN) needs made a Good Level of development in the Early Learning Goals with 17% of these children Exceeding.

The National Average was 71.5% in 2018.

Children are defined as having reached a good level of development at the end of the EYFS if they have achieved at least the expected level in:

  • The Early Learning Goals in the Prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language)
  • The early learning goals in the specific areas of Mathematics and Literacy.

Read Write Inc Model School

In 2020, Long Close was awarded Model School status for the second year running by Ruth Miskin Training and Oxford University Press. We understand that the ability to read is the biggest driver of social mobility. Crucially, we make ensure the slowest progress children are not left behind: each child benefits from daily 10-minute tutoring, until they are able to keep up with their peers.

Model Schools status is given to Long Close because we achieve outstanding results by ensuring teaching children to read is at the heart of what we do. We teach Read Write Inc. Phonics for an hour a day – every day – and run weekly practice sessions for staff. Children start phonics training from the age of 3 at Long Close to provide them with the best start for a lifetime of reading.


87.5 % of the Reception children made Good level of development in the Prime Areas with 46% Exceeding.


87.5% of children made a Good level of development in Reading with 50% of these children Exceeding.


83% of the children made a Good level of development in Writing with 21% of the children Exceeding.


87.5% of the children made a Good level of development in Maths with 46% of these children Exceeding.

In 2020, one of our Year 6 pupils was offered a conditional place at Eton College, others secured sixth form places at the chosen Grammar school and first choice schools. In recent years several of our pupils have also achieved academic scholarships to schools such as Hampton, Merchant Taylor’s, The Abbey and Millfield School as well as many gaining places to grammar schools at the end of Year 11 or Year 6.

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