Academic Quality & Results

Academic Quality & Results

Long Close is a school where academic excellence is nurtured and achieved. Our outstanding teachers give individual attention to every pupil, setting the bar higher than would be expected nationally, and instilling a strong work ethic that brings richly deserved results.


Long Close GCSE results in 2018 were very impressive. In the Slough league table, an  Attainment 8 score of 64.5 (8 GCSEs) marked us as clearly the best-performing non-selective school in the area. 92% of the cohort gained grade 5 or above in Maths & English placing the school third on that core measure (better than St. Bernard’s and Herschel grammar schools). The results were a testament to the hard work of students and teachers and proof of the advantages of our small class sizes.

87.1% of the new style exams were awarded a “strong pass” or better (the new Grade 5 and above). More pleasingly, at a time of much curriculum reform designed to make examinations more challenging, 53% of all grades achieved were grade 7 or above and 31.4%  were awarded Grade 8 or Grade 9 distinction.

94.3% of Long Close papers were at the Grade 4 and above across all Subjects as against the National Average in the UK reported by the Joint Council for Qualifications as 66.9%.

Long Close School is proud that as a non-selective school our GCSE results take all pupils into account, including those who have identified Learning Support Needs.

46% of our pupils achieved a Grade 7 or above in English Literature, 38% achieved a Grade 7 or above in English Language and 38% achieved a Grade 7 or above in Mathematics.  In the Combined Sciences 58% of papers were a Grade 7 or above, almost half of which were awarded the maximum Grade 9.

Art results were exceptional, with 60% gaining a 9 and the remainder all at 7 or 8. 100% of pupils taking the I.C.T GCSE examination achieved an A* – A grade (NB this was the last year before students take Computer Science).

‘Value added’ is a measure of the progress pupils make between different stages of their education; if pupils perform beyond expectations this is reflected in a high ‘value added’ score and Long Close students consistently perform very strongly on this.


38% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in Mathematics vs 15.8% National Average


38% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in English Language vs 14.1% National Average


46% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in English Literature vs 19.9% National Average


58% of pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in Science vs 7.5% National Average


100% of pupils achieved A*-A in unreformed GCSE subject; I.C.T.

Prep School Results

Long Close was ranked 44th in the country in the prestigious Sunday Times Parent Power 2018 ranking based on Year 6 results.

GL assessments are undertaken every year across the country and in British Curriculum Schools worldwide, with benchmarks of above 112 by the end of Year 6 representing high achievement.  Therefore, success obtained is a measure of the outstanding teaching occurring within the school.

GL assessment enables us to check the accuracy of attainment within a national context and is also a good preparation for those wanting to sit 11+ in Year 6 as it is the system used by Buckinghamshire.

For the academic year 2017/18 we are delighted to announce that each class has improved overall, with the average scores as follows:

 Year groupMaths ScoreEnglish Score
Year 1103.7110.4
Year 2118.9113.8
Year 3112.8118.7
Year 4124.8121.5
Year 5116.8115.6
Year 6110.5112.1

In our Junior School many children opt to sit the 11+ Plus exam and are offered a place at a selective secondary school of their choice.

Their success is due to a combination of natural ability and the teaching and experiences they have received from our Nursery onwards.

The specific 11 Plus preparatory work our experienced teachers deliver from Year 3 gives our pupils a certain advantage.  We are proud of our academic achievements and high quality teaching.

Preparation for 11+ has always been a tradition at Long Close and a significant number of pupils continue to secure places at our local grammar schools.  We understand that a large grammar school is not suitable for all pupils and our regular tracking and monitoring enables us to support all pupils to the journey to success.

2017/18 EYFS Profile Results

Our test results in the EYFS profile far exceed the National Average.  For the academic year 2017/18,

82 % of the Reception children, including those with identified Learning Support (SEN) needs made a Good Level of development in the Early Learning Goals with 26% of these children Exceeding.

The National Average was 70.6% in 2017.

Children are defined as having reached a good level of development at the end of the EYFS if they have achieved at least the expected level in:

  • The Early Learning Goals in the Prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language)
  • The early learning goals in the specific areas of Mathematics and Literacy.


94 % of the Reception children made Good level of development in the Prime Areas with 55% Exceeding.


91% of children made a Good level of development in Reading with 50% of these children Exceeding.


82% of the children made a Good level of development in Writing with 37% of the children Exceeding.


82% of the children made a Good level of development in Maths with 54% of these children Exceeding.

In recent years several of our pupils have achieved academic scholarships to schools such as Hampton, Merchant Taylor’s, The Abbey and Millfield School as well as many gaining places to grammar schools at the end of Year 11 or Year 6.

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