Our Ethos

Altiora Petimus. We seek higher things. These words, which sit beneath our ‘Winged Pegasus’ emblem, sum up the collective pursuit of excellence that characterises Long Close School.

Everything we do at Long Close is based around your child. We start by getting to know them – their capabilities and interests, their personalities and potential. And this treatment of them as individuals persists right through from nursery to year 11. When teachers meet to discuss progress with senior colleagues, for example, they don’t talk about classes, they talk about individuals. And if anything needs to be done to help a pupil progress, it is carried out on an individual level. One size does not fit all at Long Close.

We believe that this individual approach is the best way to help each child become a happy, productive member of society – making a contribution through their work, their strong family relationships and their links to the community. This is what we, as a school, call success.

Long Close children learn that their own success in life comes through hard work, self-discipline and inner strength – and we teach them how to develop and harness those characteristics. They are taught that happiness comes from the pursuit of success rather than the trappings of it and that they can spread that happiness through respect, tolerance, good manners, honesty, compassion and fair-mindedness. And they learn that personal fulfilment depends on maturity, confidence and independence of thought.

These are the values that we teach at Long Close. They are the values we live by every day at the school – values that link the diverse faiths and cultures of our pupils and their families. We believe that they form the foundation for the first-class education that we provide, the excellent academic results we achieve, and the well-rounded young people who eventually leave our school to make their way in the world.