Our Ethos

Our Ethos

 Altiora Petimus.

We aim for higher things

School Aims

To inspire pupils through an education of breadth and depth.

To provide a safe and supportive school environment underpinned by excellent pastoral care, where each pupil can feel happy, confident, and valued as an individual.

To foster a vibrant school community, built on trust, tolerance, and respect, and instil a sense of social responsibility.

To provide a rich and stimulating school experience, where our pupils can explore and develop their interests and talents and discover new ones.

To provide a nurturing family atmosphere in which every pupil can thrive and achieve.


School Values


The Cognita Way

Long Close School is part of Cognita’s global network of outstanding schools. The Cognita Way embraces the following:

We ignite a passion for learning.

We empower our children to think, care, problem solve, collaborate and be leaders of tomorrow.

We enrich the lives of our children, encouraging them to fulfil their potential.

We place the child at the heart of our school. Treating all of our children as individuals, we promise to help every child discover their unique interests and talents. Above all, we want them to be happy and have fun; it matters in education.

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