Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Under the leadership of the Headteacher, the Senior Management Team is constantly looking at ways to improve and develop every aspect of the school’s performance, while always staying faithful to the ethos that binds the Long Close community together.

As with every other member of staff, the Senior Management Team operates an open-door policy, so if you have any queries or suggestions about the way the school is run, your feedback will always be welcome.

Senior Management Team

Staff NameStaff TitleQualifications

Miss K Nijjar

Headteacher and Prevent LeadBA (Hons), Med, MA

Mrs P Randhawa

Head of Senior School and Computer Science

Mr C Tanton

Head of Prep School and Head of History

Mrs S Ghafoor

Assistant Head of Prep School

Mrs T Brindley

Head of Nursery

Mrs P Horwood

Business ManagerBA (Hons)

Ms E Shepherd

Marketing Manager

Mrs J Gee

Registrar & Admissions ManagerBA (Hons)

Mr N Lee

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
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