Are STEM subjects more important than creative ones?

STEM at Long Close School

When the time comes for students to make their subject selection for their GCSE’s, how as a parent can you help them choose? Should your child opt for more ‘academic’ subjects? Are there any benefits in this? And just what are STEM subjects? 


Benefits of STEM subjects

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Today, the internet is full of articles and opinions, concerned with the declining number of students, particularly female students, choosing to study these subjects. 

Looking to the future, studying a STEM subject can be a great foundation for many different career options. Science and Maths is a great place to start for GCSE students if in the future they would like to consider an engineering career. 

These subjects require a very logical and methodical type of learner, there are right and wrong answers and specific routes you need to take to get to the correct result. These subjects require practise, dedication and a passion for understanding how things work. 


Benefits of Creative subjects

Creative arts in education is often covered in the media in its own right, due to a lack of funding in many schools who chose to prioritise facilities for other subjects. Choosing to study a creative subject can have huge benefits for the future. Learning to express yourself, having the confidence to perform and having the ability to create are very powerful skills which are fully transferable into many future careers.

These subjects appeal to students who have a creative mind and a more free-flowing way of thinking and learning. These subjects are wonderful for building confidence and discovering creative culture from a whole new perspective.


So how can you choose?

Ultimately, GCSE subject choices are an individual’s decision based on interests and enjoyment to learn more. Choosing Art over Technology isn’t going to have a detrimental effect on future career choices – the important thing is that the subject is right for the individual.

Students who are motivated and studying subjects that they enjoy will inevitably achieve better results and progress into a successful career. A balanced approach to subject selection will enable students to test their brains and learning styles with a range of subjects and approaches.


GCSE subject choices at Long Close School

Here at Long Close School, we work with teachers and students in order to assist with the selection of subjects for GCSE examinations. We encourage a mixture of subjects, directed at the strengths of each individual student. We have small class sizes and personalised learning that gives each student, focussed attention and support. We also offer an academic curriculum that we feel will best serve their future education at A level, university and ultimately, in the workplace.


If you would like to learn more about the support we provide our students and the subjects available to study, you can request a prospectus here

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