Learning through play at nursery

Stay and Play at Long Close School

At Long Close School, we encourage learning through play, this is supported by the Early Years Education Stage as it has been proven to be the most effective way to introduce young children into education. If you are looking for a private nursery near you, here at Long Close School we operate Stay and Play sessions where you can attend with your child (between the ages of 12-30 months) to get a feel for our teaching style and for the school itself.


Stay and Play Sessions

Tina Bruce, author of “Early Childhood Education states ‘children learn best when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous learners.’, in a stay and play session we create an environment to make this so. We invite, parents, grandparents or childminders to join in the sessions, but create activities where the children are allowed to explore and make their own choices to develop their learning. If you attend some of our sessions and decide this is the right learning environment for your child and are interested in applying, you can be assured that the same standard of care is practised during normal nursery time. Bruce also said ‘Quality education is about three things: the child, the context in which learning takes place, and the knowledge and understanding which the child develops and learns.’ These are three pillars by which we practise education, we want to get to know each child as an individual to know how to best facilitate their learning.


Developing learning

We understand that learning through play comes about as a result of a real understanding of the interests, needs and experiences of the child. At Long Close School, we understand that there must be a progression in the provision of activities to meet the developmental needs of children. This is why we plan our stay and play sessions in advance and base each session on a new type of play, designed to develop different types of learning. For example, water play encourages personal, social & emotional development through working independently, co-operating by taking turns and share equipment, respect ideas of others, it allows children to experience the therapeutic value of water play and learn how to use water safely – understanding rules for water play and encourages conversation about where water comes from. Water play sessions also encourage physical development, working to develop fine motor skills by manipulating tools, filling – pouring, emptying, stirring, squeezing, pushing and pulling, as well as introducing knowledge and appreciation of the environment. These are just a few examples of the many lessons children can learn through water play and other play-based learning sessions.


Preparing for the next steps

Attending a stay and play session not only has educational and developmental benefits for your child, but it also allows you to spend some quality time with your child in a different social setting. It is an opportunity for you to meet other local parents and a chance for your son or daughter to meet, socialize and learn with children of a similar age to themselves. This is all great experience when preparing them for nursery or pre-school when they are a little older. It is a great taster if you are looking to apply for nursery and get an honest experience of the school.


At Long Close School we run stay and play sessions every Friday and each week is focussed around a new activity. If you already have a child that attends the school then the sessions is free, if not then each session is just £5 which is payable on the day of attendance. If you are interested in attending, please contact our admissions team either by email admissions@longcloseschool.co.uk or you can phone us on 01753 520095. We very much look forward to meeting you and having some fun!

01753 520095