Back to School Covid-19 Updates

Long Close School is currently working very closely with colleagues at Cognita and will ensure all parents are kept well informed about any new procedures that are required following the announcement of pupil testing.

Given the local and national context, we must continue to ensure our School community is as safe as it can be by following public health guidance stringently.

It is therefore necessary for us to continue with existing precautionary measures to keep us all safe and well at School.

  • All adults to wear a face covering when visiting or entering the school premises and whilst you are waiting for your child(ren) to go into school or be collected (unless exempt).
  • Ensure you observe social distancing (1 metre ‘plus’) whilst waiting for your child(ren), and two metres if you are not wearing a face covering
  • Only one adult to enter the premises for drop off and pick up
  • That you arrive and leave promptly when dropping off/ collecting your child
  • That you move away from the school premises as quickly as you can remembering to maintain the ‘rule of six’.



Back To School Guidance - March 2021View/Download
Senior School Face Mask GuidelinesView/Download
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