Early Years' Curriculum

Early Years' Curriculum

“Excellent curriculum coverage right from Early Years. Assessment and tracking is excellent because parents are involved in contributing to the assessment process.” Nursery Parent – Voice of the Parent 2021


Our children largely learn through play, engaging in activities that our staff ensures are both enjoyable and meaningful. As each child progresses, we introduce more structure to their learning, exploring a subject in small groups or arranging for a specialist teacher from further up the school to lead them in a more purposeful activity. This might mean a music and movement session with the school’s music teacher, creative time spent with our specialist art teacher, or an expert introduction to the wonders of science.

Early Years' Curriculum

We follow a child-led approach which ensures we plan and take part in activities that the children have chosen. By following the children’s interests, they are engaged, excited, and fascinated by their learning each day.

Within the Nursery, Pre-school and Reception classes, the children follow the Early Years Curriculum and undertake activities in the following 7 areas of learning:


The Prime Areas

Communication and language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


The Specific Areas



Expressive arts and design

Little Long Close Ready

Starting School is an exciting milestone in the life of any child and their family. In the booklet below, our Early Years Team have put together a list of activities that, when practiced with children, will help prepare them for the start of School.


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