Taking a holistic approach, we establish a thirst for discovery, an ability to express creativity and an enjoyment for learning. Independence is encouraged, extending the ability to learn, play and co-operate with others. We create a happy, stable, caring and stimulating environment. There is nothing more important to us than the happiness and wellbeing of our children; this takes priority above all else.

We believe learning at this age should be fun, exciting and stimulating, which is why we offer a varied and broad range of subjects and learning experiences.

As well as developing strong relationships with all our pupils, we also work closely with parents and want you to be engaged in your child’s education. We have an open-door policy and want to make you feel as much a part of the Long Close community as your child. We also provide a variety of workshops to up-skill you in the understanding of your child’s development stage and how they are learning. Whether it is understanding the Read Write Inc Phonics scheme or supporting your child in developing their speech and Language, Mrs Carpenter will support you with carefully thought out sessions.

Throughout each term, we carefully monitor and assess each child’s progress, allowing us to tailor our teaching to work at a pace every child is comfortable with. Additional support is always available for any pupil who’s struggling, while we also have the resources and time to challenge any high achieving pupils.

We would love for you to see for yourself how happy, engaged and excited our children are in our Little Long Close Nursery setting. Please do not hesitate to get in touch or attend one of our Early Years Open Mornings.

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