“The teachers are very compassionate and create a warm welcoming environment for the children to flourish.” Nursery Parent – Voice of the Parent 2021


As children journey through their Early Years at Long Close School they become confident learners who enjoy mastering new skills and discovering more about themselves and the world around them. As a School Nursery, we make education accessible and fun, harnessing a child’s naturally inquisitive nature and using this to develop an engaging curriculum.

As a School Nursery we also benefit from being part of a high-achieving educational establishment which embeds the pillars of excellent academics from an early age. Children and families also feel a sense of belonging thanks to our small class sizes, individualised learning approach and wonderful learning environment.

We would love for you to see for yourself how happy, engaged and excited our children are in our Little Long Close Nursery setting. Please do not hesitate to get in touch or attend one of our Early Years Open Mornings.

Child-led Learning

By leveraging the naturally inquisitive nature of children, we create a curriculum that is engaging and interesting. We listen to their passions and their questions and develop lessons that help them to explore their areas of curiosity. Through this type of learning, children begin to see education as enjoyable and exciting, a process that opens doors to new worlds of exploration, skills and knowledge.

Holistic Learning

Taking a holistic approach, we establish a thirst for discovery, an ability to express creativity and an enjoyment for learning. Independence is encouraged, extending the ability to learn, play and co-operate with others. We create a happy, stable, caring and stimulating environment. There is nothing more important to us than the happiness and wellbeing of our children; this takes priority above all else.

Parent Workshops

Learning how your children learn is fundamental to providing them with the right support at home. We provide a variety of parent workshops to up-skill you in the understanding of your child’s development stage and how they are learning. Whether it is understanding the Read Write Inc Phonics scheme or supporting your child in developing their speech and Language, Mrs Carpenter will support you with carefully thought out sessions.

Pupil Progress

Throughout each term, we carefully monitor and assess each child’s progress, allowing us to tailor our teaching to work at a pace every child is comfortable with. Additional support is always available for any pupil who’s struggling, while we also have the resources and time to challenge any high achieving pupils.

Physical Education

Being active has been proven to help the mind and body which is why our Nursery children enjoy weekly PE sessions with our specialist Sports Teachers.


Children love to make music, so this is something we like to encourage from an early age with weekly lessons for our nursery children.

Forest School

Our weekly Forest School lessons start from age 2. Read more about it, click here.

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