Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

“Nursery is excellent. Staff are caring and make learning fun.” Nursery Parent – Voice of the Parent 2021


At Long Close we understand that our youngest boys and girls learn and develop best when they feel safe, secure and relaxed.

Throughout the Nursery and Pre-school, each child has a designated Key Person. In Reception the class teacher is the child’s key person and the teaching assistants also feed individual children’s observations to the class teacher for their Tapestry online interactive learning journals to aid assessment and planning for next steps activities.

The role of this person is to:

  1. ensure that your child is safe and happy in the environment
  2. plan activities to take your child’s learning to the next level of understanding
  3. be a source of help and guidance to you as parents

The Key Person is likely to change as your child progresses through the different Foundation Stage classes but through conversations, recordings of observations and regular transition meetings we ensure a smooth transition from one Key Person to the next.

Parent Meetings

Formal Parents’ Meetings are arranged in the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms for you to talk to your child’s Teacher or Key Person about their progress. As a school, we do operate an open door policy and if you wish to talk to your child’s teacher or Key Person we request you make an appointment to ensure you have the time needed to discuss any matter.

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