Children progress from Pre-School to Reception at the age of 4, at Long Close the children remain in our new Little Long Close building surrounded by inspiring resources and an exceptional outdoor learning space. This gives them an early opportunity to be role models for the younger children and to take on positions of responsibility within the secure setting. As in Nursery, the emphasis is on learning through play, first-hand experiences and becoming an independent and inquisitive learner.

Small Class Sizes

Children learn in small class sizes, with tailored provision for every child.

Read Write Inc. Model School

The Read, Write Inc. phonics scheme continues every day, where the children learn in small groups, to ensure that the basic building blocks of learning to read are embedded. We are the only Independent School in the UK to have model school status. Read Write Inc. phonics continue into our Prep School curriculum.


Throughout Reception, we’ll continue to work closely with each child to ensure their abilities across all areas of the curriculum develop, providing challenges where they’re required to get pupils to go the extra mile and offering support and additional help to those who are finding particular subject areas more difficult.

Transition to Year 1

During their time in Reception, we’re mindful of what challenges await our pupils when they move into Year 1, and we do our best to prepare them for life further up the school by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge they’ll need to thrive. Read more about our Prep School here.

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