Football Mania Year 11

We endeavour to plan changes but every now and again a new tradition emerges that is entirely spontaneous and quite exciting.

Who can say if it was the inspiration of the World Cup behind it, but somewhere from within the belly of David McCarthy’s pizza festival for Year 11’s there spawned the first Year 11 Leavers vs Teachers Football Match.

The match was hard fought and eventually clinched by the students following the last goal wins rule instead of the more traditional penalty shootout that England have just mastered.

That this match took place was never really in doubt, since the main protagonists were Nidhi and Mahwish. Mr. McCarthy, previously mentioned (Who we suspect may have shares in domino’s pizza) had supplied enough food to feed the senior school and so by the time the girls piped up we were all perfectly prepared to play, belly’s full and hearts ponding from the diet sodas.

The Aaron, Hayder, Janmeet axis went on to prove the point that youth is significantly more important than experience. The girls provided a formidable midfield leaving the teachers to deal with darting runs, sublime passing and the occasional sparkling shoe flying through the air.

Despite all this the staff accounted themselves well.  Mr. Dunford and Mr. Powell holding the wings, Mr. Brazier in attack and Mr. Sargeant in defence.  Mr. McCarthy arrived late, and then having trialed for the students decamped to the staff side, where apart from an outrageous handball accounted himself very well.

In the end the match finished an victory for the students 7 – 6 and despite blood streaming from Mr. Sargeants leg we left as friends and sportsmen.

A farewell to Year 11 as they embark onto the next chapter in their lives, but will continue to be part of #MyLCS through the #LCSAlumni.

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