Lifesaving First Aid

Lifesaving first aid is set to be included in the national school curriculum as part of compulsory health education in all schools in England from 2020. However, at Long Close we thought it was important to start immediately and wanted to give our pupils (Years 3-11) the opportunity to learn these valuable skills.

Why do I need to learn First Aid? Who do I call? What do I say? What do I do if somebody is choking? What do CPR and the Recovery Position mean? How do I treat a nosebleed? These were some of the questions that the students asked and found out the answers to in their sessions.

It was a fantastic hands-on experience for the pupils which will give them confidence if they ever need to implement these skills in the future.

The trainers gave us some lovely feedback at the end of their busy 2 days at Long Close – ‘It was inspiring for us to teach such engaging children that really wanted to learn – it has been a pleasure.’

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