Lockdown Diary

Layla from Year 11 Writes a Lockdown Diary

Layla, from year 9, produced an incredible standard of work when asked to write a lockdown diary entry as part of her English lesson.  

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The Corona diaries:

April 29, 2020

Dear Em,

People say that a man begins to die when he ceases to expect anything from tomorrow and honestly, I think I’m dying.

The virus has taken over. Taken over the world, taken over my country, taken over my town and has taken over my life. It’s only soon before it takes over my own body. I mean it’s already infected 100,184 people today. The number keeps multiplying everyday, who knows before I contribute to that number. What makes me immune to the virus? I’m no different Em. This sounds ridiculous but I only thought things like this was meant to only happen in films. That a virus is miraculously developed, and people would mourn, but then all of a sudden a cure would have been created and everyone lived happily ever after. But the difference is that this is reality, there is no cure.

The one difference between prison and lockdown, is that the people in prison deserve to suffer. We have all been confined to our houses for I don’t know how long. I can’t handle not for one second being trapped in my house anymore. Every single non-essential place is closed like clothing shops, dentists, the mosque, libraries, leisure centres, the gym, hairdressers and even schools. Yes, that means we do online school. I never thought there would be a single day in my entire life that I would be communicating with my teachers through a laptop screen. But then again, what is there to be expected anymore?

Em, do you know how hard it is to live with the fact that there are innocent people dying every single day? It would only have been a miracle if they survived. The worst thing about it is that those people dying don’t even have their last moments around the people they love. Not even the closest of family are allowed in the wards to say their goodbyes. They die alone. All I can do is sit at home, watch the news and hear nothing but the death toll rise day by day. I pray that I won’t be lying on a bed in an intensive care unit battling the virus, fighting for my life and only having memories of all the people I have loved to keep me company.

I just want it to end.


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