Nursery & Reception Diwali Celebrations

diwali celebrations fireworks

In the Nursery Yellow Room, the children came in at the beginning of the week talking about the noises they’ve been hearing all weekend.

Some of them talked about the wonderful sparkly colours they had seen high up in the sky!

We decided to make our own firework pictures at the art table. The children squeezed brightly coloured paint and used the nozzle of the bottle to spread the paint and make swirly patterns on their paper and sprinkled glitter onto their picture to make it sparkly and used new words like “bang, whoosh, crackle and pop!”.  They also made Diwali cards.

On Wednesday, the day of Diwali, the Nursery and Pre-School children came dressed in either traditional costumes or party wear as we celebrated Diwali in the Early Years. We had a party, danced to Indian music as well as familiar party songs. Mrs Chaudhry, a Pre-School parent, came in to create lovely mendhi patterns on the staff and the children’s hands.

diwali celebrationsdiwali celebrations diwali celebrations staff diwali celebrations mendhi patterns children enjoy diwali celebrations  children painting for diwali celebrations

The Reception children were so excited to celebrate Diwali with their friends and teachers last Wednesday. All the children and teachers dressed up in their best celebration clothes and had a fun filled day packed full of Diwali themed activities. The children created their own clay Diva’s, they made a huge Rangoli pattern using different coloured pulses and made greetings cards. We also welcomed some family members who enjoyed spending the afternoon with us decorating the children’s hands with Mehndi and talking to the children about how and why they celebrate Diwali with their family. It was such a special day!

staff at diwali celebrations diwali celebrations students in classroom diwali celebrations mendhi patterns diwali celebrations crafts

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