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Nursery in Berkshire

Every member of the nursery team at Long Close holds a recognised qualification in early years’ education. We understand how quickly young children develop – and how well they respond to a rich, warm, secure learning environment. More importantly, we know how to create that environment so that each individual child receives the stimulation, encouragement and opportunities they need to grow and thrive.

Visitors to the nursery at Long Close are invariably struck by three things. The first is how happy, confident and relaxed the children are. The second is how calmly and attentively the staff engage with the children. And the third is how spacious, stimulating and well-equipped our facilities are, both indoors and out. All three are a reflection of how committed we are to providing an outstanding early years’ education.

That word ‘outstanding’ was the one used by the inspection team when they came to assess our setting. They used it to describe the way we work so closely with parents, the behaviour of our children, our focus on the whole child, and the fact that so many of our boys and girls reach and exceed their expected levels of development.

All of this comes down to the individual attention we give to each child. We take great care to get to know them, to bond with them and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then, every day, we observe their development, plan specific new activities for them, put them into action and review the results. It is by taking this individualised approach that we can help each child make such good progress in relation to their own particular starting point. And we believe this is what sets each child up to make the very most of the next stage of their education.


Mrs Sarah Harris
Nursery Manager & Head of Early Years



Please note that Long Close Nursery does not participate in the local government funding scheme for 2 year olds.