Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

The sense of normality and routine is an important element of reassurance for pupils during an unsettling time. It is also the most efficient way to ensure continuity of learning for all. It will not be sensible to strictly adhere to the existing timetables as we must take into account the wellbeing of our staff and pupils.

The insight from our colleagues in Cognita schools who have been working in this way for over two months tells us that the online learning experience will develop over time. We know that in the early days, it is important not to overwhelm children as this is a very different way of working. Specifically, we know that expecting a home-learning timetable to operate in an identical way to a school timetable is neither feasible nor in the best interests of the children, or our educators, as we want to avoid overly long periods of screen time.

We very much appreciate that during this busy and turbulent period, many families will have a number of very important commitments, and priorities may very well be elsewhere. However, any support that can be provided would be hugely appreciated and valued by all teachers at Long Close.

To help structure your child’s day we have completed a year group/class timetable. However, please do not worry if you are not able to complete the work at the set times. You will be able to access the tasks at a later time, as appropriate for your family circumstances.

Individual year group timetables will be sent to you separately.

Expectations and format per slot:

  • Synchronous: Teacher to class
  • Synchronous: Teacher to small group
  • Independent Learning
  • Parental support required
Online Learning Programme Prep School Timetables Summer 2020View/Download
Online Learning Programme Senior School Timetables Summer Term 2020View/Download
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