Junior School

Long Close Prep School is a place where children flourish – happily making the most of their talents and laying the foundations for future success.

Here at Long Close Junior School, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of academic excellence for children aged 4 -11 years old throughout Berkshire. Our focus on fostering a civilised, challenging, vibrant and enjoyable educational experience is what sets us apart and is the foundation of our exceptional academic attainment.

The breadth of our education is matched by an unusual depth. At all levels of the school – but especially in Years 3 and above – our children are taught by specialist teachers with specific qualifications in their subject. This not only improves results; it also allows pupils to experience the passion that our teachers have for their subjects. This means that when the time comes, they’re entirely equipped to excel themselves and reach their full academic potential, and this is reflected in our outstanding academic quality results. To learn more about Long Close Junior School why not pay us a visit? Book a private tour today.