Beyond just school!

Beyond just school!


The Enrichment programme at Long Close is exciting and is an essential ingredient to developing the whole person.  As such, there are plenty of ways for pupils to try something new, extend their enthusiasm and develop lifelong interests.  There is truly something for everyone.

Pupils chose enrichment activities from an exciting menu of varied, challenging pursuits and experiences.  From Year 1 upwards, these activities are integrated into the school day, reflecting the importance we place on ensuring pupils enjoy stimulating and life changing experiences throughout their time at school.

Please find below a booklet detailing the Enrichment activities currently on offer at Long Close.

Co-curricular and Clubs

This isn’t just after school care! At Long Close, what we offer beyond the core school day is intrinsic to our commitment in developing character in our young people.  We offer a myriad of opportunities for the pupils to try new things, step out of their comfort zones, meet new people and develop wider interests.  We see co-curricular activities as vital to a rounded education.

With this in mind, we offer an extensive co-curricular programme aimed at encouraging curiosity, furthering knowledge and nurturing passions outside the timetable.

We believe that activities beyond the classroom are an invaluable part of our students’ education and strongly encourage participation.  Our broad provision allows every pupil to flourish as an individual and provides the opportunity not just to develop life-long interests but also to make friends, develop new skills and grow in confidence.

Please find below full details of the co-curricular activities currently on offer at Long Close.

How the after school clubs system works:

At the end of the school day, pupils can have a nutritious snack for tea** before going to an organised after school club or activity. Alternatively, we offer supervised after-school care for our families between the hours of 15:30 and 18:00 for an additional charge.  Every term we aim to provide a new, engaging and varied mix of activities, so that on any given day our pupils could be learning to act, dance, debate, explore the natural world, carry out experiments, play games of strategy and take part in all kinds of sport – from rugby to golf, tennis to rounders, judo to cricket. But be warned – these clubs are extremely popular so make sure you fill out and return the online application forms as quickly as possible.

* Please note that for some of our clubs and activities, extra fees may apply. See the list of clubs for further information, which are subject to change.
**There is an extra charge for tea.

Trips and Experiences

We consider school trips and residentials vital for a full appreciation of the curriculum.  With this in mind, we pride ourselves on the number and variety of residential and day trips that we offer to our pupils. These broaden our pupils’ experiences and enhance learning.

We are also passionate about taking our pupils’ personal development global to get the most out of life experiences and so we undertake social and cultural trips to locations that include Iceland, Berlin, Barcelona and Belfast.

In experiencing day and residential trips as part of the curriculum, we ensure pupils have access to opportunities which will enhance their physical and mental wellbeing, develop friendships and bonds with their peers and create memories that will last a lifetime

The School takes full advantage of our links with Active Learning Group by providing our pupils with a chance to experience the excitement and challenges of living outdoors at Cuffley and Bushcraft. Pupils spend time in the rural/countryside, working together on a number of outdoor challenges and learning fun and valuable skills along the way, including building and sleeping in their own shelter.

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