Every child at Long Close receives a weekly hands-on art lesson from a specialist teacher. That applies even to the younger children at the school, who would be unlikely to enjoy such a benefit elsewhere. The school also boasts a dedicated art room for the use of older pupils – a space that quickly captures the imagination of visitors to our open mornings.

Visitors are also quick to notice how prominently we display artwork throughout the school, which reflects the value that we place on the creative efforts of our students. Our dedicated art teacher is always on the look-out for other ways to put the school’s talent on display. We recently curated an Early Years Art Gallery to show off the work of our three-to-five-year-olds, while our Year 11 GCSE students ventured further afield to take part in a local art fair. There they enjoyed the chance to exhibit their work alongside professional artists and craftspeople, and some even managed to secure their first sales.

Our commitment to art at Long Close is based on the broad benefits that the subject can offer, which we believe tie in closely with the ethos of the school. It is a discipline which rewards hard work, dedication and practice, but it also nurtures the importance of creativity, self-expression and inclusivity. Its popularity as a subject at the school is no accident, and it is reflected in our excellent recent GCSE results, in which every single art student gained either an A or an A*.