The artistic talent of Long Close pupils is something we are incredibly proud and love nothing more than to display their beautiful artwork around the school site.

New for September 21, will be a totally refurbished, dedicated Art and Design room, including a kiln, which will provide a wonderful place for students to explore and create their artwork. Nurturing an understanding of creative subjects from a young age is vitally important, and helps students to realise the importance of the many skills they learn by studying Art and Design Technology.

There are weekly After School Art clubs for students in Prep and Senior School, which are ideal for pupils who want to develop their artistic skills and experiment with different materials and processes. The Art department is very active in encouraging students to participate in competitions throughout the academic year and on a national scale through ISA Arts (Independent School Association). STEM will also have a larger focus with different activities and competitions for the students to take part in throughout the academic year.

Art and Design Technology (DT) is a GCSE option in the Senior School and students participate in the subject from Year 7. It allows students to engage with creative thinking, problem-solving and the development of self-expression. Art and DT are fantastic subjects for students to practice stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying different activities. It is a wonderful way to  discover that there is a lot to learn from making mistakes.

In the Senior School, Year 7 students start off by reviewing the formal elements in Art, moving on to creating sculptures influenced by Pop Art and finally spending the summer term creating autobiographical Art. In Design Technology, students begin with making teddy bears, then move on to creating and designing their own shop and finally finishing their year looking at ceramics and creating their own planter pot.

Year 8 Art students begin with studying Portraiture, then move on to a project based on Utopia/Dystopia where they will make their own cardboard cities, and finish in the summer term with a project focusing on Identity. In Design Technology, the Year 8 students spend their first term designing and making a chair prototype, moving onto to making their own cushion covers and finishing with a graphics-based project making their own pop up cards.

Year 9 Art students spend their year creating GCSE-style based projects, first looking at Natural Forms, then moving onto a printmaking project and finishing the year with a project based on the theme Events. Year 9 Design Technology starts off with looking at the importance of graphic design and branding, moving on to focusing on architecture and finishing the year with Sketchnoting and an introduction to the core content for GCSE.

Art and Design Technology both prove to be popular choices for students at GCSE level, with a history of strong results. GCSE Art focuses on two coursework projects over Year 10 and 11, finishing with the publication of the Art exam paper in the January of Year 11. Year 10 Design Technology very much focuses on the theory element of the course, with a mini-NEA (non-exam assessment) in the Summer Term. From September in Year 11, the main focus is completing the NEA coursework, which then leads onto revision in the run up to GCSEs, usually scheduled around June.

In the summer term, GCSE students will have the opportunity to submit their artwork for a private-view style event, showcasing their hard work and talent for parents and guests to see.

We hold high regard for the creative subjects at Long Close School and are always looking for and implementing ways within the school to support our students’ creativity. We aim to build and develop on our already strong department, in our school and also within the local community.

Long Close School offers Art Scholarships for pupils entering Year 7. Please read more about them here.




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