Early Risers and After School Program

Early Risers and After School Program


The After-School Program offers a caring, educational environment, beyond the regular school day.

The school day at Long Close begins at 07.30, where pupils in Year 1 upwards have the chance to start their day in our Early Riser’s Breakfast Club. For our younger children, the school day begins at 8.10 and the last lesson of the day ends at 15.30, while our older ones finish at 16.00.

Starting with a nutritious snack, followed by a supervised homework or reading session, pupils will be engaged physically or mentally through a variety of club opportunities, introducing basic skills, advanced skills or character life skills to fit all their needs, always keeping in mind our learner profile. It’s a time of day that our children enjoy immensely and that makes it so much easier for parents to balance out the demands of work and family life.
The ASP offers a multitude of services for our pupils and parents, including but not limited to the following:
  • supervised after-school care for our families between the hours of 3.30 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.
  • a nutritious snack to help revitalize the pupils’ energy to get through a longer school day
  • educational assistance in our homework sessions from our ASP staff, guided by our Senior Leadership Team
  • engaging the pupils in creative, physical or technology experiences in a structured but fun and relaxed environment
  • providing three types of after-school clubs to challenge and educate our pupils on different levels (active bodies, active minds or combination clubs).

The after-school clubs and activities on offer at Long Close are a valued and vital part of the individualised education we offer. Our aim is to give each of our pupils the chance to discover and follow their own particular skills and interests. That way they can establish a sense of their own identity, which we believe is a crucial step towards realising their potential and learning how to lead a rich, fulfilled life.

Every term we aim to provide a new, engaging and varied mix of activities, so that on any given day our pupils could be learning to act, dance, debate, explore the natural world, carry out experiments, play games of strategy and take part in all kinds of sport – from rugby to golf, tennis to rounders, judo to cricket. But be warned – these clubs are extremely popular so make sure you fill out and return the online application forms as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to come down to our next Clubs Fair to find out what’s new in our program and meet and introduce yourself to our ASP staff.
*Please note that extra fees may apply. See also the list of clubs activities which are subject to change.
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