Welcome to our Senior School

Welcome to our Senior School

Berkshire Independent School

It is in the Senior School at Long Close that the value of our individualised approach to education is most obvious. Our students are on a learning journey from Year 7, aiming to perform as successfully as possible in their GCSEs, and so secure a brighter future for themselves by gaining places at selective Sixth Forms and on to universities or apprenticeships. Each pupil has their own Individual Achievement Plan to ensure that we focus on development both inside and outside the classroom.

At Long Close, we understand precisely where every single one of our students is on their journey. Thanks to our small class sizes and dedicated pastoral care we know where they are struggling and need a little extra focus; where they are excelling and need introducing to new avenues; and, most of all, how to help them attain success.  At GCSE, our pupils achieve an average of over half a grade higher in every subject than predicted by national norms illustrating our excellent added value. In 2020, 86% of students achieved Grade 6 and above in all GCSE papers. For the full results, please read here.

As they progress through to Year 11, our students are also heading towards the top of the Long Close School family. We take great pride in watching them grow up to become such fine young men and women. Over time they come to embody the school’s values of consideration, honesty, respect, compassion, hard work and self-discipline. They are academically equipped to make sense of the world, and have the confidence, drive and motivation to go out and improve it. That is a telling measure of our school’s success.



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