Week Seven Newsletter

Week Seven Newsletter

Week Seven

Celebrating Values 

This weekend marks the end of the XXIII Winter Olympics which we celebrated during our Curriculum Collapse Week prior to the half term break.  The event has not only been a wonderful celebration of Sport, Teamwork and Going for Gold, but a celebration of Values.

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Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics can be much more than just a fun experience for you. It can be an inspirational time full of teachable moments that help you develop stronger leadership skills. Whether or not you ever win gold medals, you’ll succeed at your work when you learn Olympic values!

As many of the world’s top athletes gather in PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, their incredible skills will capture the attention of people worldwide. But what’s even more compelling than the fastest bobsled race, highest ski jump, or most elegant figure skating program is the Olympic spirit that runs through the athletes’ stories.

Olympians draw their inspiration from a set of core values that prepare them to do their best as they compete, and to respond gracefully to whatever happens as a result of their best efforts. Each of those Olympic values relates to the timeless values of leadership that is fueled by well-being. Olympic athletes are known for their strength because they take good care of their well-being – body, mind, and spirit – to excel as leaders in their sports.

No matter what type of work you do, you can grow stronger and excel at it by learning Olympic values as you watch this Winter Olympics. Choose work that aligns well with your personal strengths and interests. Then enjoy it!

U.S. speedskater Maame Biney started figure skating as a girl. But a teacher told Biney and her father that she was skating too fast and recommended switching to speed skating. She followed that teacher’s advice and discovered something she loved to do and could do well. Now Biney — who is known for smiling while she trains — prioritises having fun.

Canadian Ice Dance Team Virtue and Moir, now the most decorated Figure Skaters in Olympic History, have skated together perfecting their craft since 1997.  Four Years ago, they called it a day four ago after failing to successfully defend their Vancouver gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but after two years away they decided they couldn’t give up the competition life.  This week they captured hearts around the world with their stunning world record performance.

In an unusual twist, both the German and Canadian two-man bobsled teams won gold medals at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics after finishing with exactly the same times, down to the hundredth of a second.  The last time two teams tied for Olympic gold in the two-man bobsled event was back in 1998, between the Canadians (again) and the Italians.  Naturally, the internet couldn’t help but be surprised with the result. In particular, people love that the Germans were so thrilled with the tie that they were the first to run over and congratulate their Canadian fellow medalists, proving that good sportsmanship at the Olympics is alive and well.

These examples from the Winter Games show us just how important embracing the Olympic and British Values into our everyday lives is and here’s how we can do this beyond the Games:

Do your best with every opportunity. The International Olympic Committee states that excellence is one of the core values around which the Olympic movement is constructed. Olympians strive to put their best effort into each practice and competition, no matter what type of circumstances they may be facing at the time. Olympians are known for their hard work – practicing their sport over and over again to develop their skills to the highest level possible.

Respect and encourage your teammates. Olympians respect each other’s value as people, and also as team players who make valuable contributions to each other. Olympic athletes gather from around the world to compete, and in the process they form friendships based on mutual respect. They watch each other work hard, encourage each other, and make sacrifices to support each other.

Approach both success and failure gracefully. Whether they win or lose, Olympians often respond with graceful attitudes that inspire others to consider what matters most: not the results of a single event, but the character of the person competing in it. They relish each big moment rather than allowing the stress of it to overwhelm them. U.S. snowboarder Shaun White has experienced both thrilling success (such as the perfect run that helped qualify him for his fourth Olympics) and crushing failure (like missing out on any type of medal at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia).  This Games we was again back on the Top of the Podium, winning gold after failure.

Keep learning and growing. Olympic athletes are constantly learning from their experiences and growing to become stronger people as a result. U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn has suffered many crashes and injuries over the years of her career. But she hasn’t let any of her scars stop her from progressing to become one of the world’s top skiers. Vonn has famously said, “When you fall, get right back up. Just keep going, keep pushing it.” She has also said, “You are only limited to what you push yourself to, you know? You can always get better.”

I hope you’ll take time this weekend to tune into the final events of the Games (Note – Team Canada will play in the Gold Medal Ice Hockey Match as we continue to drive to the top of the medal standings!) and reflect on both the values and learning opportunities these games provide for all of us.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. McBride


Setting online safety rules with your family

Online Safety is a growing concern, and we would like to continuously inform you as parents, safety tips around Safeguarding children. The document is intended to provide a parent-friendly guide to some of the more popular social media sites and apps that children are using to communicate. It provides you with the icon that you might look out for on a computer, smart phone or tablet, and explains why your child might like to use it, as well as some of the risks. The link at the end of each section will provide more information about the site, as well as providing some assistance with imposing any parental controls that you may think appropriate or necessary.

A Parent’s Guide to Social Networks and Apps

School News

Year 4 children have been reading letters received from their Chinese pen-pals from a school in Shenzhen, China. They were very interested in how school life compares in China and the UK.


Year 7 and 8 Girl’s Football Tournament

The girls and Mrs Gajree left school at 2:00pm and reached DPA at around 2:16pm. The team was  Dania, Daania, Layla, Vishaali, Ria, Umairah and Simran. We played a round robin tournament with NO FINAL due to time restrictions. Matches were 6 minutes long. 2 minutes swap time(to get on the pitch), games were on a points based system ; 3= win 1=draw and 0 loss. Overall it was a lot of fun.

Our first match was at 2:30 on pitch 2 against the Wexham B team winning 1-0 with Ria scoring a fantastic goal and Dania with her amazing defending. Our next match was at 2:50 against   Wexham A team but unfortunately not such a good game we lost 0-2 despite our strongest efforts but Vishaali and Daania did hold up a strong defence. Our 3rd match ; we carried our bad luck with us losing 0-3 against DPA B team at 3:00. However our future was looking bright when we won against the Khalsa B team 0-3 with Layla and Simran passing the ball to Ria who scored both our stupendous goals and Umairah holding up a strong defence in goal. Adding on our last match was not one to remember losing 3-0 against DPA A team .

Overall it was a day to remember winning the 3rd place spot out of 7 schools, amazing work from all the girls. Hopefully next year we take our luck with us.


We hope you all had a restful half term and are ready for the apparent ‘polar vortex’ that is coming our way, we could see the coldest March since 2013! With that in mind it feels strange to be thinking about Easter but we have been busy planning some great Easter activities for the whole school.  Before that Mother’s Day is coming up on the 11th of March so our annual present room will be running to give the children a chance to buy gifts for the special Mum’s, Grans, Aunties in their life!

Mother’s day present room

When – Thursday 8th March

Time – All day (until stock lasts!)

Venue – LCS Library

Cost – Presents range from £4 to £8 and cards are 50p each

A big thank you to the senior school parents who came along to volunteer at our first year 7/8 event of the year. The children really enjoyed the bowling and food and we were pleased to see such a great turn out from both students and parents!

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Year 8 visit the ‘birthplace’ of Gothic

Yesterday, our Year 8 pupils went to on an English trip to Strawberry Hill House, Horace Walpole’s home, where ‘Gothic’ was created. After a longer-than-expected journey due to traffic problems on the M3, they went on a tour of the house and every room was different, projecting a Gothic atmosphere […]

Prep School ready to step back in time for the week!

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