Harnessing the Power of Technology


Technology has become a fundamental part of our education, not only allowing us to deliver great teaching and learning but also as a platform for collaboration and productivity. We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact it can have, putting students at the heart of their learning by increasing engagement, developing intrinsic interpersonal skills, and preparing them for the future of adult life.

1-2-1 Devices

The next phase in Cognita’s digital learning journey is to provide every student in Year 3 and above with their own personal HP ProBook.

Devices are supplied on a lease basis to ensure that they keep pace with technology and can be upgraded at regular intervals.  Students also receive a digital pen (to take notes, navigate, draw etc) and a protective sleeve . The laptop is touchscreen with an all-day battery life.

We believe that 1-to-1 devices are powerful tools that augment and transform the learning experience. They will be used in balance with other teaching methodologies and woven into lessons in a planned and meaningful way to support the learning outcomes.

They also enable seamless learning between school and online learning at home, offering the best possible resilience against any future disruption to students’ education.

Here are five key benefits to using 1-to-1 devices in the classroom:


Students become more engaged with their learning

In a 1-to-1 environment, the learning shifts from the traditional instructor-led model to become more student-centred. Students experience greater independence, greater task completion, and a more efficient workflow with the ability to electronically manage and share tasks in a single environment.


Greater Collaboration

Students can benefit greatly from 1-to-1 in the development of their collaboration skills. By sharing a digital workspace, students can create and edit content together, refine each other’s contributions, and exchange information and ideas.


Creation of a Digital Portfolio

Students can build a digital portfolio of their work, allowing them to track and demonstrate their growth over extended periods.


Personalised learning and differentiated instruction

Students do not learn at the same pace and in the same way. 1-to-1 technology makes it possible for students to receive differentiated content and assignments, using a variety of methods and tools.

Improved assessment and digital feedback

Students can receive feedback from their teachers in a myriad of new ways, from digital annotation to voice notes. 1-to-1 devices will also allow teachers to see that their feedback is being acted upon which is critical for student progress.

We have created this handy Parent Guide to provide you with all the information you may need about your 1-2-1 device.

Long Close Parent Guide 1-2-1 DevicesView/Download

Come and See for Yourself

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