Week Eleven Newsletter

Week Eleven Newsletter

Week Eleven

Year 6 Workshop on Cyber-bullying

Following on from Anti-Bullying Week Year 6 took part in a work shop led by PC Sloane to further their awareness of cyber-bullying and how to stay safe online.

They produced a guide of ‘Top Tips to Stay Safe Online’:

  • Don’t post personal information online
  • Never let anyone have access to your passwords
  • Change passwords regularly.
  • Think very carefully before posting photos of yourself online.
  • Never respond or retaliate to negative posts.
  • Block any users that send you nasty messages on social media sites.
  • Don’t share personal information
  • Don’t open emails, downloads or attachments from people you don’t know or trust as they could contain a computer virus or unwanted messages.
  • Block spam emails and delete them.

Importantly if you or someone you know is experiencing problems with cyber-bulling, do ‘TELL’. Tell a trusted adult who can help you action any of the above.




Break time and after school snacks

A polite reminder to all pupils and parents that snacks during break times and after school should be fruit only.


We would like to remind all pupils and parents that the school bell is at 8.25am prompt. Please ensure you arrive to school before this time to avoid any lateness records for your register.


Please note if you are running late for the After School Care collection to use the following telephone numbers:

NURSERY:  07783 198 9989

YEARS 1 – 11: 07986 316 132


Pegasus Certificates

Pegasus Certificates 13 to 17 Nov 2017

1H Zara Amin

1S Arjun Sodhi

2B Divya Ramesh

2W Harvi Bains

3J Rishi Thaper

3R Jude Woodcraft

4M Saaheb Basi

4R Ayan Haq

5B Aaron Sohal

5N Josh Gajree

6F Ophelia Edgson

6O Dauood Saba

In Memory of Nick Rees

It is with great sadness that we advise you all that sadly Nick Rees passed away on Sunday evening as a result of his heart condition (19 November).

Sue (his wife), said that Long Close held a very special place in Nick’s heart and he spoke a lot at home about the pupils and staff.  One of the best places he had ever worked.

A very sad day.


Sharing the Secret

We are delighted to announce the LCS ‘Sharing the Secret’ scheme for parents. Please refer to the schoolcomms message sent for details.

Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc

LCS are proud to be featured on the Ruth Miskin website as one of the leading schools following the RWI program.


Pudsey Cake Winner


RBWM Community Carol Concert 2017

The Adventures of Mohini Grantande - Meera Thaper (Year 6)

Unique - Malvika Kaujalgi (Year 6)

It’s hard to be different,

To act just like you,

To love your uniqueness,

In whatever you do.


Your hair can be curly,

Or wavy or straight,

Your eyes may be different,

But that makes you great.


Running or writing,

Numbers or art,

Your friends will all love you,

For the size of your heart.


But what makes a good friend?

Someone who cares?

Someone who laughs with you?

Someone who’s there?

Someone who helps  you,

When you’ve hurt your knee?

Or someone to catch you,

When you fall from a tree.


A friend sees that you’re special,

And loves all of you,

From singing to dancing,

And you love them too.


It’d hard to be different,

To act just like you,

So love your uniqueness,

Whatever you do!

Design Technology

Over the Autumn Term in Design Technology we have been designing and making fabric cushion cover. We have looked at different fabrics, their sources and properties. We have also looked at how to print onto fabric using a block printing method. Another thing we have looked at is how to hem fabric and how to use a sewing machine safely. This week we put everything into action and made a cushion cover to take home with us.

Vishaali Devi – Year 7. 

School News



U9 Hockey v Dair House

Today I would like to tell you about Tuesday 21st November’s under 9b hockey match. I was so excited to be the captain – for the first time! The game began with a player from St Bernard’s hitting the ball to another member of their team. My team tried to stop them from scoring a goal. Then our team tried to score a goal and nearly did. Both teams kept trying to score a goal, but no one did. At the end of the game it was a draw, but we are all winners because we tried our best.

By Captain and Girl of the game Zayna Salem-Ahmed

U9 v Eton End School

On Tuesday November 14th, Long Close School team played against Eton End School. The Under 9B team played excellent as we defended our goal. Kierat Bhandal scored an early goal to give us the lead. In the second half, we played energetically, hitting the post several times, but we did not score another goal. The final score was 1-0 to Long Close School! Well done girls. Keep it up!

Captain and Girl of the Match:

Nadia Shenawy


Cashless Stalls – Christmas Fun Day

Hopefully you have all had a chance to read the email communication that detailed the plans for the grotto and other activities on the 1st of December. As we are introducing tokens for the children to use as payment we will be selling these in advance.

Look out for us at the gate on the following date:

  • Monday 27th of November

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Year 8 visit the ‘birthplace’ of Gothic

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