Week Three Newsletter

Week Three Newsletter

Week Three

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Developing the Voice of our Students:

Many of you will know that one of the key priorities of my first 100 days at Long Close School is to develop strong trusted relationships with the stakeholders of the Long Close Community; students, staff, parents and the wider Cognita network.  In order to be an effective leader, leaders must have people willing to follow, to roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches alongside the leader in order to drive the vision for the future forward; together.

Simon Sinek, British Author, Motivational Speaker and expert on Leadership once said, ‘a team is not a group of people who work together.  A team is a group of people who trust each other.’  This I feel is of particular importance when developing relationships with the students of Long Close School and is an area that I have spent a huge amount time investing in over the past three weeks.  Simon Sinek has a very interesting think piece on the Millennial Generation which I introduced to staff this week in our weekly meeting – well worth a look!   www.youtube.com/watch?v=hER0Qp6QJNU

As Headteacher, I view one of my key accountabilities to be that as the Leader of Learning in the School. To Lead on Learning, I need to first understand the school experience from the point of view of our students and the only way to do this is to teach them, to listen to them, engage with them and develop a relationship with them built on trust and respect.

This week, I have thoroughly enjoyed eating lunch with the Senior Pupils, in particular the Year 8’s.  Spending time with them in a less formal setting than the classroom has not only enabled us to get to know each other as people but has really helped to shape my ideas about what is important to the students at LCS. At the start of the year, I spoke to all students in the school during assembly about my commitment to being a Headteacher and leader who listens to their ideas. They know my door is open and indeed over the past few weeks I have had some fantastic ideas coming forward.  In fact, my office is also starting to feel more at home as students in Year 4 have brought me some fantastic 3D artwork for my room with their colourful Habitat models.  Sharing the work of our students is something I am very passionate about and I actively encourage any student to bring me work that they are particularly proud of so it can go on display.

We will shortly be re-launching our Voice of the Student Council into both the Senior and Junior Schools and will also be inviting our Head Boy and Head Girl of the Senior School to take part in upcoming PTA meetings so that all of our students and parents are involved in the wonderful events planned by our parent committee. Our Catering Manager, Ms Tracey is looking forward to meeting with students next week to discuss their thoughts on the menu rotation, feedback and areas of improvement and to discuss some exciting theme days coming up for Halloween and Remembrance Day.

The organisation of school trips and events are a significant responsibility for our staff and indeed investment from our parents, however I hope you will join me in support of these wonderful trips which truly bring learning to life for our students. Looking at the diary, we have some very exciting trips coming up this term across the school; Lookout Discovery Centre, Weald and Downland Museum, Wetland Centre, Roald Dahl Museum, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Black Country Museum, Ufton Court, Tate Modern, Oxford and the Winchester Science Centre. These trips sit alongside our exciting special events which include National Poetry Day, Harvest Festival, Book Week, Remembrance Day and our Christmas Celebrations.

Students in the Senior School enjoyed their first Inspire the Future Talk led by Long Close parent, Mr Rob Miles.  This was the start of our ongoing focus on opening doors and opportunities to students and we would be very grateful to any parents who would be willing to come to talk to our students about their work and experiences.

I am passionate about the power of Outdoor Learning and extending our curriculum offering beyond the classroom.  Taking students outside of their normal learning environment provides them with the opportunity to engage in meaningful and real learning experiences which truly bring the curriculum to life.  Following our Year 7 Geography Field Trip last week for a walk along the Jubilee River, I am very proud to share with our community, the work the students have produced this week in lesson as we have focused on developing our field sketching skills.

Next week, I am delighted to be spending 3 days with Year 7 and Year 8 students on our first Senior School Residential Trip to Bushcraft and I know our senior staff are really looking forward to the Year 9 to Year 11 trip to Iceland.  I look forward to sharing with you next week photos and updates of our trip.  I do hope the students choose to save me first as part of our survival training course! (HINT TO ANY Y7 or Y8 STUDENTS on Bushcraft).

Now that the sporting season is underway at Long Close School, we are delighted to be able to share with you each week our results from matches played this term.  In developing our pupils leadership skills, we have asked our Sport Captains to write up their match reports which are shared in our weekly assemblies and will be published in our Friday Newsletters.  I would like to remind our parents that they are more than welcome to attend our matches, both home and away.  It is always lovely to have a strong LCS crowd to cheer on our players!

Ms. McBride


Geography Field Sketching Skills


Pupil Attendance


Attendance at School has a direct correlation to the overall achievement and progress of a student during their time at Long Close.   As such, a student’s attendance record will be monitored closely and included as part of the interim and end of year report.   If a student’s attendance record falls below 94% then the Head of School who will arrange an appointment with the student’s parents.

Outstanding Very Good Good Acceptable Weak Very Weak
Attendance is at least 98%.Attendance is at least 96%.Attendance is at least 94%.Attendance is at least 92%.Attendance is less than 92%.Attendance is less than 90%.
 What do these Attendance percentages mean?
You are punctual to school and to lessonsYou almost always arrive at school and to lessons on timeYou usually arrive at school and to lessons on time.You generally arrive at school and to lessons on time.You often arrive late at school and/or to lessons.You consistently arrive late at school and to lessons.
It is more likely that your progress will be outstandingOver the academic year this means you will have missed more than 3.5 days of schoolOver the academic year this means you will have missed more than 5 days of schoolOver the academic year this means you will have missed more than 7 days of schoolOver the academic year this means you will have missed more than 14 days of schoolOver the academic year this means you will have missed more than 17 days of school

Being a Student at Long Close School

Long Close School is a caring and supportive community and behaviour is generally excellent, requiring minimal intervention. In order to maintain this fortunate position as the school grows and develops, we need to ensure principles and guidelines are put in place for effective learning and teaching within a safe and happy environment.

 Long Close School Expectations:

  • We will endeavour to encourage, reward and praise positive behaviour.
  • We expect you to work to the best of your ability.
  • We expect you to dress smartly, respectively and adhere to school uniform regulations.
  • Offensive or inappropriate language is not acceptable in school.
  • Behaviour which negatively affects the learning, safety or sense of security of other pupils or which brings the School into disrepute, will not be tolerated.
  • We expect you to be punctual to all lessons and to apologise to the teacher if you are late.
  • We expect you to be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone within the School environment and beyond.
  • All members of the LCS community should make every effort to make the most of every opportunity to develop and grow as learners and individuals.
  • School guidelines on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety must be adhered to at all times.
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions of any member of staff.
  • Adhere to set deadlines.
  • Adherence to the UK Law is essential at all times.

School News



We had some unexpected cancellations this week, but are delighted to report on the success of last weeks fixture from pupils.

 U11 Hockey Team

On Wednesday 11th September the U11 hockey team played against St. Mary’s. Jasmine Bath made a strong pass to Nikita Saini who managed to score 2 goals. Ophelia Edgson and Jaya Nanda defended very well. Alisha Chaudhary and Jasmine Bath both scored goals as well.

In the next 10 mins Ophelia Edgson and Alisha Chaudhary scored the last 2 goals.

The final score was 7-1 to Long Close well done Long Close keep it up!

Man of the match was Ophelia Edgson

Parri Gohil (Captain)

 U10 Hockey Team

On the Wednesday, 13 September, the under 10’s Long Close School had a match against St.Mary’s. In the first half of match, Long Close School scored a goal making it 1-0 then Diya Dosanjh made an amazing tackle and passed it to Saloni Bagi who hit the ball into the goal and made the score 2-0.

Then the half-time whistle rang and Long Close were winning by 3-0 . St.Mary’s were becoming more stronger and scored 2 goals. As tackle from Suhani Jain who passed to Isha Kolly who passed the ball to Diya Dosanjh who hit another goal, made the score 4-2. It was a great match and the final score meant Long Close won by 5-2.

Well done to the team. Man of the match was Saloni Bagi for her good performance in the match.

Good luck and well played girls!



Year 11

Hassan Chaudhry

Varshni Devi

Liam Dunne

Nidhi Gohil

Haider Hassan

Humza Hayat

Faisal Ibrahim

Mahwish Ibrahim

Rajan Johal

Kian Patel

Arjun Ramtale

Jeevan Saini

Janmeet Singh


Many pupils in Year 6 were keen to represent their House (Griffin, Phoenix or Unicorn) as House Captain or Vice House Captain. They prepared presentations outlining their strengths as candidates, reasons why they should be chosen and what they will do if in the role. The pupils in Years 3 to 6 met in their Houses to listen to these and to vote for their choice of candidate.

Well done to the following pupils!:

Griffin: Aaron Lall & Ophelia Edgson

Phoenix: Aryan Sharma & Parri Gohil

Unicorn: Raheim Wahedally & Malvika Kaujalgi

Their role is to be ambassadors for their House and to encourage the children in various events and activities in order to try and win the House Cup at the end of the school year.

Ms. Field and the Junior School Team.

This week the school launched an ICT tool for Learning & Teaching Purple Mash’.

Your child will be coming home this week with a username and password to login (click here).

This tool is designed to encourage Nursery and Primary school pupils to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. It is designed to be used both in the school and home environment, and we encourage you as parents to explore this with your child and the learning activities it provides.

Lost property is becoming a growing concern as there are more items than ever piling up which is being left untidy and in an unacceptable state. I would like to draw your attention to the Before and After pictures of one school days maintenance. Please see the list below of items which have been left in the Lost Property area, if I could please request you to collect these.


Name on item Item in lost property Girls items- unnamedBoys items- unnamedMixed items
Robi R EdmondsCoat

Swimming bag



Girls skirt shorts 30/32”Grey jumper 28”School coat 22”
Arjun LaiBlazerCardigan 36”Trousers 8-9 yrsStaff old waterproof
BagriSkirt shortsNew cardigan 30”Trousers 13 yrsHoodie xs
Ria DhallaSkirt shorts

Tracksuit bottoms

New cardigan 34”Trousers 12yrsNext red zip coat
H.KWhite poloShirt 13-14 yrsTracksuit bottoms 24”
CharanwaterproofTrousers 6yrsTracksuit bottoms 30”
Avin HSmall hoodieJumper 32”‘Coach’ LCS sweatshirt
Nick (washed out)Polo 35”Trousers 15-16yrsNew polo 35”
Freddie ReedBlack coatTrousers 24”New yellow flo football boots- studs
Josh VaraitchTie


Short sleeved Shirt 16 yrsBlack perry ellis portfolio
Saatvik Bhagi (crossed out)Polo

2 hats

Trousers 11yrsNew tracksuit top 28”
ShaanSNavy shortsBlack jogging pants 11-12yrs
Prabh 4RBlazerPlain white polo 9-10 yrs
Raheim WahedallyBlazerPolo 35”
Kalim WahedallyTrousers
E.McC—–34” jumper
Avneet BainsSwimming stuff
RameshSun hat
Salah al deenSwim bag
Dhiran Sharma 5RNavy shorts
Jithuin JTrousers


Jeevan pangalaTrousers
Alex cowardshirt

Ms McBride & Heads of Years.


As the nights get darker, and we all start getting those winter coats out, we have some great winter events to look forward to. One of those is the Reception to Year 6 disco.

Spooky Halloween Disco

  • Where – In the school hall
  • When – Friday 6th of October, 6pm till 9pm
  • Cost – £8 per child, this includes food/drink and plenty of fun and games

Your PTA committee and volunteers will be able to take your child’s details and payment for the disco. We will be at the gate every morning from Friday 29th Sept to Weds 4th Oct.

A reminder about our AGM

This is on Wednesday 27th of September at 4.15pm, class 2B. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available!

Stay in contact with us-

Join the PTA Facebook page


The PTA Team



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