Year 1 children become weather reporters for the day!

Over the past two weeks, Year 1 children have been focussing on the weather and different seasons. To continue their learning this week, the teachers incorporated a fun, practical activity into their geography lessons by using a Green Screen App on the iPads!
Miss Staniford introduced the weather theme by appearing on the children’s screens after Newsround – much to the surprise of Year 1! “This is hilarious!”, they commented as she dressed up and presented the daily forecast. The children were tasked with writing a weather report about their favourite or least favourite type of weather and were asked to include what they should wear. The children discussed how they should hide indoors if the weather is stormy, wear sun hats and sun cream if it is sunny, wrap up warm in the winter and carry an umbrella when it is raining.
Once their writing was complete, the children were invited to present the weather forecast for BBC Long Close! We are sure that the TV weather reporters will be adopting their style and approach once they watch Year 1’s videos and we will soon be seeing props, clothing and accessories on our screens very shortly! Well done, Year 1!

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