Year 2 enjoy visit from modern day nurse during Florence Nightingale week

As part of Florence Nightingale week, Year 2 were very lucky to have a visit from Nurse Almeyda on Tuesday. Nurse Almeyda is a modern day nurse and she came to talk to the children all about nursing and life in a hospital. First she showed them an apron used today and an apron from the past. Two of the children were even lucky enough to try them on! They learnt that aprons of the past were made from fabric and were often dirty as they were rarely washed, whereas aprons used today are made from plastic and thrown away once used to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Nurse Almeyda then talked to the children about the different uniforms nurses wear today and even showed them how to carefully change a dressing. Nurse Almeyda taught Year 2 that it is VERY important that everything used in a hospital is kept clean and that modern day nurses must keep washing their hands to prevent infection from spreading. They also had the opportunity to ask Nurse Almeyda questions of their own, which had been prepared in advance. Year 2 had a lovely morning and furthered their own understanding of modern day nursing and how much it has come on from the time that Florence Nightingale was alive. Thank you, Nurse Almeyda!

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