Year 3 become Ancient Egyptians for the day

Year 3 children had a fantastic time at their Ancient Egyptian workshop yesterday! The children were put to work right from the start, thinking about the huge amount of maths involved in designing and creating a pyramid. They were in awe as it was brought home to them the immense scale of these wondrous buildings! There were four workstations around the hall, introducing the children to different Ancient Egyptian skills. One focused on the process of mummification, another introduced the skill of making papyrus, the third showed them how the Egyptian workers chiselled limestone into the correct shapes for the pyramids, and the final was where the children discovered how the Ancient Egyptians moved the colossal stones to the pyramid site. They were astounded to learn that each stone weighed more than 100 children and had trouble pulling the weight of just two of their friends with a rope on the ramp! Lastly, the children learnt how systematic the building of a pyramid had to be as they got involved with creating their own enormous, but highly scaled down version. They worked hard and eventually marvelled at the amazing structure they produced. Well done Year 3! What a hardworking, but fun and memorable day we all had!

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