Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the leading youth achievement award, giving pupils the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Long Close School is pleased to announce Year 9 participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme for their Bronze Award. The journey has been inspiring for the children and a representative from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme presented onsite to take all the students through the registration process and answering questions.

Mr. Sargeant, Duke of Edinburgh Manager for LCS, has lead a club dedicated to the students to think about their Fitness, Voluntary and Skills tasks.

Students have been taught about the intricacies of planning and conducting the adventure section of this program. Following on from a two-day and one night practice expedition during the last week of the Summer Term, a day’s reflection & evaluation program which has lead to their Bronze Award.

Considerable preparation has gone into the award, with a day of preparation and skills training and a number of Route Planning lessons within the Geography Department. The students have been furnished with all the necessary kit and information.  Thanks to their fundraising efforts and some considerable help from the PTA, they now have all the tents, maps and cooking equipment that they will need.


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