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Welcome to Long Close School

We are delighted to welcome you to Long Close School, where we welcome children from 2 – 16 years.

With over 80 years of teaching heritage, our school is firmly established as the first choice for many families looking to give their child an excellent start to their education.

Proud of our reputation for delivering academic excellence, both at 11+ and GCSE stages, our children thrive with small class sizes and experienced teachers delivering an outstanding education.

Our pupils are well prepared to make the transition to the next stage in their education, with children consistently receiving offers from their first choice of the most prestigious schools in the area, including scholarships and awards.

Aspire to


Long Close School's focus on individualised learning and academic excellence leads to outstanding results in GCSEs and 11+ exams, ensuring success for all students.

Aspire to


We proudly celebrate the aspirations and successes of our Long Close Alumni, as they embark on their next chapters at prestigious universities and sought-after careers.

Aspire to


We emphasise a well-rounded education with its varied curriculum and rich extracurriculars, from nursery to GCSEs for holistic student development.

Outstanding achievements

At Long Close School, our commitment to academic excellence is evident across all levels.

Early Years

With an impressive 93% of our young learners achieving a Good Level of Development, we offer a supportive and engaging environment that lays the foundation for your child's future success.

Prep School

Our Prep School exemplifies academic excellence with 77% of students surpassing the 11+ exam's required pass mark in 2023, an achievement reflecting our program's rigor and our community's dedication.


Our GCSE success, particularly with 70% of students achieving grade 7 or above in Mathematics, showcases our consistent excellence above national averages and the high-quality education we provide.


We celebrate 100% of our pupils securing their chosen post-16 destinations, with 78% advancing to top selective grammar schools, underscoring our commitment to providing an exceptional foundation for ongoing growth and achievement.

Choosing Long Close School means choosing a place where your child's potential can be fully realised, in a setting that inspires daily discovery and lasting success.

– Headteacher, Long Close School

Aspire to Continuity

Long Close School's seamless journey from Nursery to GCSEs

Our unique educational pathway, offers a consistent and integrated learning experience from the early years in Nursery right through to Senior schooling, culminating in GCSEs, ideal for families seeking a stable and continuous educational journey for their children.


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4 - 5 yrs old


5 - 11 yrs old


11 - 16 yrs old

Long Close School

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