Pre-SchoolTermly Fee
Full time Nursery* - including lunch£2,950.00
Part time Nursery (we require a minimum of five sessions per week for each child) £1,915.00 (excluding lunch)
Additional sessions for Nursery - per morning or afternoon per week per term £387.00 (excluding lunch)
Lunch for pupils not attending a full day£280 (5 days)
Part time, per day per term - £56.00

*Please note that Long Close Nursery does not participate in the local government funding scheme for 2 year olds. However, we do accept the Government Grant to cover 15 free hours from the term after which the child turns 3 years old.

Junior SchoolTermly Fee
Reception, including lunch£3,175.00
Years 1, 2 & 3, including lunch£3,646.00
Years 4, & 5, including lunch£3,827.00

From September 2019, Year 6 pupils will join the Senior School Fee Structure. Fee Structure for the Lower Senior School will be announced prior to the Summer 2019 Term.

Loyalty Discount – Lower Senior School: For pupils entering Year 6, after completing a full academic year in Year 5, the termly fee for the Lower Senior School (Years 6, 7 & 8), will be reduced by 5%.

Fees in Advance – Many parents (and grandparents) like the security of paying school fees in advance, if they are in a position to do so.
Long Close School offers a Fees in Advance discount of 1.5% when paying your child’s fees for more than one term in advance (ie: minimum of 2 terms).

Scholarships – Visit www.longcloseschool.co.uk/admissions-and-fees/scholarships-bursaries to find out more.


Senior SchoolTermly Fee
Year 6, including lunch£4,021.00
Years, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11£5,006.00

Sibling DiscountDiscount
Second sibling5%
Third sibling10%
Fourth sibling15%