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fees at long close school

NurseryTermly Fee
Full time Nursery (including lunch)£3,100
5 sessions (excl. lunch) NB this is minimum requirement£2,000
6 sessions (excl. lunch)£2,250
7 session (excl. lunch)£2,415
8 sessions (excl. lunch)£2,680
9 sessions (excl. lunch)£2,925
Lunch£295 (5 days)
Part time - per day per term - £59

Children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to access 15 hours of Early Year Funding Entitlement a week. Your child is eligible for this free entitlement from the start of the term following their third birthday until the end of the term of your child’s fifth birthday. Please be aware that the funding only covers part of our fees and additional charges are payable.

Childcare vouchers can be used for all fees for children below five years of age, and hours outside of the core school day, for example for paid After School Care and Clubs, for children up to their 16th birthday.

SchoolTermly Fee
Years 1 & 2£3,780
Years 3 & 4£3,850
Years 5 & 6£3,995
Years 7, 8 & 9£5,160
Years 10 & 11£5,195

Long Close School is proud to offer a scholarship scheme for pupils looking to enter our Senior School at Year 7. Visit our Scholarships page to find out more.

Lunch, which is freshly prepared on site every day, must be taken in both the Prep and Senior School and is included in the fee.

Additional charges will be made for public exams, Duke of Edinburgh participation, educational trips and specialist learning support.

For full details for 2019/20 including after school care, registration fee and acceptance deposit, please download our schedule of fees.

Sibling DiscountDiscount
Second sibling5%
Third sibling10%
Fourth sibling15%

International Students

On registering your child, a non-refundable registration fee of £100 is payable and an acceptance deposit equivalent to a term’s fee is required in order to secure your child’s place.

SchoolTermly Fee
Years 1 & 2£4,536
Years 3 & 4£4,620
Years 5 & 6£4,794
Years 7 - 9£6,192
Years 10 & 11£6,234
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