Long Close School offers a range of scholarships to prospective pupils applying for Year 7 entry. Worthy candidates will not only demonstrate excellence in their specific field but will also display a proactive attitude towards school life as a whole. Long Close School scholars are expected to act as ambassadors for the school, both academically and recreationally, upholding exemplary behaviour and leading their peers in extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

Further to the standard admissions interview and assessment process for applicants to Long Close School, those applying or recommended for scholarships will be invited in for an additional review.

Scholars at Long Close School (LCS) embody the values and ethos of the School. They are individual pupils who excel academically or in their chosen field of Art, Music, or Sport. More importantly, they are pupils eager to grasp the many opportunities available, both in and out of the classroom, and who recognise that being a scholar carries responsibilities of leadership and role-modelling.

Our expectations for scholars are high and we wish them not only to develop individually, but also to act as role models for their peers and ambassadors for the School. The award of a scholarship offers a discount against tuition fees. The amount offered is at the discretion of the Head and depends on the level of achievement, all-round commitment and leadership in the pupil’s field of excellence.

Academic scholarships are available but not open for application; candidates are individually selected to apply following the standard admissions assessment. For more information about our standard admissions process, please click here.

We do take applications for non-Academic Scholarships, and applicants can choose to apply for one of the following: Art, Music or Sport.

Scholarships for pupils joining Year 7 in September 2021 are now closed. However, if you are interested in a place for your child in September 2022, please complete our short enquiry form here and our Admissions Manager will contact you straight away to discuss your requirements.

Deadline for scholarship applications for September 2022 entry: 26 November 2021. 

To apply for a Scholarship, please complete the LCS – General Scholarship-Application-Form and email to

Year 7 Standard Assessment and Taster Day: Friday 3 December 2021

Academic and Non- Academic Scholarship Assessment Day: Friday 14 January 2022

Successful applications notified by: Friday 21 January 2022

Deadline to Accept: Early March



If you have any further questions, please call 01753 520095.



Academic Scholarships

Students who excel in the initial entry assessment for Long Close School (taken by all candidates) will be invited to sit for either an English, Maths or All-Round Academic Scholarship, and will have additional assessments in Maths, English, or both, depending on the Scholarship invitation.

Art Scholarships

Students who exhibit a high level of artistic skill and creativity may apply for an Art Scholarship. Individuals wishing to be considered for an Art Scholarship should be able to show not only a good standard of artistic ability but also a genuine interest in the subject which is reflected in their out-of-school activities. Scholarships will be awarded to pupils with clear ability, enquiring minds, an enthusiasm for the subject and awareness of other artists’ work.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships may be awarded to talented and dedicated musicians and performers. Music Scholarships are offered to those pupils who show ability, commitment and potential in their chosen instrument at audition. In addition to grade achievement, a fundamental passion and musical ambition will be looked for, along with a willingness to participate and contribute to the rich musical life of the School.

Sports Scholarships

Each year we award Sports Scholarships to those individuals who demonstrate aspirations to progress and achieve high levels of success within their chosen sport. In general, potential to reach or already be playing at club level is expected, and regional representation would be within the capabilities of the successful scholar. Successful applicants will be expected to contribute to our main school sports. For boys these include football, athletics and cricket.

For girls these include netball, athletics and rounders.

Applicants are expected to show exceptional promise in at least one sport and have an established record of achievement at their current school and at club/regional level.

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