Back to School After Lockdown

Year 1 children return to school

How Children are Returning to School after Lockdown

We are extremely proud of how resilient and positive our children have been throughout the unprecedented period of lockdown. From coping with school closure and the absence of dear friends to migrating into the world of online school, the children have, without exception, embraced every stage with an impressive attitude.

It is wonderful to start welcoming children back to school. Everyone is excited to be back, including the teachers. The playground is once again alive with the sounds of children laughing and chattering. The return to school process started with our Nursery, Reception and Year 6 children at the beginning of June. Now we are delighted to see our Year 1 and Year 10 children returning. Over the next few weeks, we will keep you updated with the latest events and news about returning to school.

Below you will find a series of videos which have been created to provide both parents and students with all the information they need to prepare for back to school.

Read our Parent Guide for Nursery, Pre-school, Reception and Year 6 children here. Back-to-School-Parent-Guide—Long-Close-School-FINAL

Read our Parent Guide for Year 1 children Back to School Year 1 Parent Guide – Long Close School

Read our Parent Guide for Year 10 children Year 10 Back to School Parent Guide – Long Close School-Final



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