Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Long Close we understand that our youngest boys and girls learn and develop best when they feel safe, secure and relaxed. Our priority is to ensure that each child develops a strong bond with their carer, and to foster an atmosphere in which the children treat each other with warmth, friendship and consideration.

Our nursery children learn to value each other as individuals, celebrating each other’s successes – academic, creative, cultural and social – at weekly assemblies, and developing a sense of their own importance to the school community. They are also encouraged to celebrate the diversity of Long Close, marking major religious festivals and cultural events such as Harvest, Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Easter, Navarati, Vaisakhi and Chinese New Year. This helps embed the virtues of tolerance and respect – both of which are central to the school’s ethos.

We also make a point of integrating our young children into the life of the Prep School and Senior School, encouraging interaction with older siblings and cousins and gathering together to watch performances and shows. We believe this strengthens their sense of belonging, giving them the confidence to express themselves and have a go at new activities, which is the best way for them to explore their abilities and make the most of their potential.

As an all-through school, we place great emphasis on the smooth transition of our early years’ children into the Prep School and beyond. This involves various practical measures, from familiarising them with other classrooms to making use of the library, but it also means sowing the seeds for future success – good manners, a healthy attitude to learning and the ability to think independently. This focus on the whole child – and the ability to deliver their whole education – is one of the things that sets Long Close apart.

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