School Uniform

School Uniform

We put a great deal of thought into the school uniform at Long Close, which is why you’ll notice subtle differences as your child moves through each term and year at the school. Our younger pupils benefit from an emphasis on comfort, for example, while later in the school the uniform becomes more formal.

Below you will find a breakdown of our uniform requirements for each phase of the school, as well as PDFs of the same lists for you to download. We also have specific rules on hair, jewellery, make-up and tattoos, which you can find in the Parent and Pupil Handbooks.

All items of uniform can be obtained from Billings & Edmonds Ltd, 132 High Street, Eton, Windsor. For more information call 01753 861348 or visit billingsandedmonds

School Uniform List

Nursery - BoysView/Download
Nursery - Girls View/Download
Reception - BoysView/Download
Reception - GirlsView/Download
Years 1 - 5 - BoysView/Download
Years 1 - 5 - GirlsView/Download
Years 6 - 11 - BoysView/Download
Years 6 - 11 - Girls View/Download

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