Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

One of the guiding principles of Long Close Prep School is that we put the child at the heart of everything we do. You can see this principle at work in the way that we have organised the school.

When your child starts in Year 1, they come under the care of a Form Tutor. In the early years this teacher covers the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, but their key role is to provide pastoral care. If your child starts to struggle or seems unhappy, it is the Form Tutor who notices and offers support. If you alert the school to an issue affecting your child, it is the Form Tutor who responds and works with you to put a plan in place. In short it is the Form Tutor who really gets to know your child as an individual, and who delivers the formal Personal, Social and Health Education that represents such a vital part of our curriculum.

Each pupil is also assigned to one of three ‘houses’ – Griffin, Phoenix or Unicorn – and we make effective use of this system to encourage good behaviour and reward achievements of all types. This helps emphasise to the children that we value every part of who they are – their interests, their hard work and their good conduct, not just their good marks.

According to the School Inspection Service, our pastoral care is ‘outstanding’.

Pupils are clear there is always someone they can turn to if they have a problem’ and that our parents believe ‘the school helps their children develop mature, sensible attitudes and values, alongside good manners and social skills and that they are happy’. That is our aim at Long Close Prep School.

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