Prep School Curriculum

We offer a broad curriculum at Long Close Prep School. From the outset we place great emphasis on the core subjects of English and mathematics, but we also introduce even the youngest children to science, Spanish, history, geography, ICT, music, art and design, drama and Personal, Social and Health Education.

We believe that the early development of good literacy skills is essential to open up the full breadth of our curriculum. We therefore introduce phonics at an early age through the acclaimed Read Write Inc scheme. This has earned Long Close an accreditation as a Ruth Miskin Training Badge School – evidence, again, of our commitment to quality teaching.

The breadth of our education is matched by an unusual depth. At all levels of the school – but especially in Years 5 and 6 – our children are taught by specialist teachers with specific qualifications in their subject. This not only improves results; it also allows pupils to experience the passion that our teachers have for their subjects. We believe this plays a key role in establishing a positive attitude to learning that serves our pupils well as they progress to Year 6 and beyond.

As early as Year 3 we introduce supplementary mathematics lessons and sessions on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and from Year 5 onwards we provide a Thinking Skills Club. All of this is designed to help our pupils approach the challenges of Year 6 with confidence – whether that means the 11+, Common Entrance exams or SATs. We also believe it helps explain the excellent results that we continue to achieve year upon year.

While preparation for the 11+ is already a key part of what we offer at Long Close, we will also shortly be entering into partnership with renowned provider, Susan Daughtrey Education. Further details will be announced soon.

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