Prep School Curriculum

At Long Close School, we adopt the Ruth Miskin Training programme of learning. This programme is widely used in the UK and abroad. This investment provides pupils with a love of reading and is in-line with Phonics for the younger years. Pupils will naturally progress in the Junior school in Literacy and Language, Spelling and Grammar. Through this programme, there is a greater focus on small group Guided Reading sessions that support children’s comprehension skills, and provides activities to promote a love of reading. An innovative way to encourage this is through MyBookBlog which is an inspiring and modern way to develop an active and creative learning environment, both at home and school. It provides appropriate levels of challenge for all children and broadens their knowledge around the topic being read. Our school believes that reading should be seen as a pleasure, not as a chore, race or competition; we want children to choose to read.

Ruth Miskin RWI Case StudyView here