Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

Welcome to our Prep School

Welcome to our Prep School

Berkshire Preparatory School

‘Outstanding schools have a burning desire to get the best possible deal for children in every respect’ is what I read when looking for the perfect school to send my children to quite a few years ago now! Long Close School is a school that reflects this statement as the culture of achievement runs deep. Long Close Prep School is always humming with industry and energy

By leading the Prep school team I aim for Long Close pupils to experience a civilised, challenging, vibrant and enjoyable education through their primary years at school. They are involved in a broad range of academic, sporting, cultural and artistic pursuits at Long Close. The children are taught to act in a thoughtful and considerate manner at all times. I expect the children to display the achievement, confidence and responsibility that will help them to transition into the different key stages with ease and the positive mindset that is crucial to their success in forward planning. The children should build resilience whilst being a member of our school which will enable them to stand on their own two feet and take their place in society as responsible achieving students.

Having a triangulated approach to our children’s development in the prep school involving a strong parent partnership enables everyone to be reflective, accountable and an active participant in school improvement. Energising both staff and pupils is a high expectation of the school. A forward-looking approach ensures there is no mismatch between observed standards in teaching and pupil outcomes in the Prep school

I feel that as we continue to nurture our pupils and staff in the prep school we allow for intellectual curiosity, eclectic understanding and moral courage.

The only way you can really get a feel for Long Close is to come and visit, meet our pupils and their teachers and decide if this would be the right school for you and your children.

Mrs Smra Ghafoors
Assistant Head of Prep School

01753 520095