Welcome to our Prep School

Berkshire Prep School

We think of ourselves as a family at Long Close Prep School. We know and value every one of our pupils as an individual – each with their own particular strengths, weaknesses, interests and personalities. And we see it as our job to nurture each of those individuals and take joy in the way that they go on to grow, develop and thrive.

We believe that the foundations for academic success are laid during these years, which is why we place great emphasis on developing self-confidence and a love of learning. We also encourage our children to become more independent and responsible as they progress through the school so that they are ready for the challenges of senior school – either at Long Close or elsewhere.

It is an approach that works. We achieve great academic success at Long Close Prep School, whether that is measured by the 11+, Common Entrance results or SATs. Perhaps the most important academic measure of all is that pupils on average make greater progress at Long Close Prep School than they would elsewhere. We put all of this down to our focus on the individual, the excellence of our teachers, the breadth of our curriculum, the high standards we set, and the skills with which we equip our pupils so that they can tackle any exam with clarity, confidence and intelligence.

As a Prep School we understand the decisions that parents face as their children head into years 5 and 6. We are always on hand to offer support and advice so that every pupil makes a smooth and successful transition to senior school. It is this commitment to securing the very best future for each of our children that really turns our school community into a family.

Ms Sarah Field
Head of Prep School