Welcome to our Prep School

Welcome to our Prep School

Long Close Preparatory School prepares pupils for a successful pathway into both our non-selective Senior School and other Secondary schools of their choice, including local Grammar schools. In 2020, 50% of our pupils passed their 11+ exams.

By the end of Spring Half Term, 94% of Year 5 pupils were working at or above their expected level for English and Maths.

As an Independent School we are mindful of, but not restricted by, the National Curriculum, so pupils enjoy a curriculum of length and breadth, with a continued emphasis on creativity, questioning, and independent thinking. Our robust intervention strategy continues throughout Prep School and identifies children who are under-achieving and those who are over-achieving, enabling us to create a personalised learning path for every individual.



Other reasons to send your child to Long Close School Preparatory School

Early intervention strategy

Outstanding pastoral care

Enrichment activities and fantastic selection of clubs

Small class sizes

11+ preparation

Extensive trips and visits programme

Curriculum collapse theme days

GL Assessments (Year 1-Year 6)

AS Tracking for Year 5 & 6

Personal laptops for every child from Year 3

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