Senior School Staff

The outstanding results that we have achieved at Long Close in recent years are no accident. Nor is the warm, friendly atmosphere at the school, or the fact that our pupils emerge as such well-rounded, thoughtful young men and women. All of this stems from the excellence of our teaching staff.

Nor is this excellence down to chance. We take great care to recruit the best candidates we can find and we give them every opportunity to improve their teaching skills term by term and year by year. In other words we take an individualised approach to the development of our teachers as well as to the progress of our pupils.

In practice this means that we monitor the work of all our teachers, giving them detailed feedback on where they can improve and providing them with the support they need to make it happen. Sometimes this might mean pairing up two teachers with differing sets of strengths so that they can learn from each other’s methods. Other times it can come down to the everyday culture of our staff room, where we are constantly swapping notes on the progress of our pupils and the teaching methods that seem to be working best.

Our specialist subject teachers bring both knowledge and passion to the classroom. We believe that this is the basis for the truly inspirational teaching that we aim to provide at Long Close.

Please use the link below to download a list of all the school staff. If you would rather speak to a member of staff over the phone, please call the school office on 01753 520095 and we will do our best to put you in contact.

Senior School Staff


Staff Name Staff Title Qualifications

Mr D McCarthy

Deputy Head, Head of Senior School, Head of RS and DSL Years 7-11

Mrs S O’Connell

Mr A Gill 

Year 6 & Head of Girls Games

Year 6 & Head of Geography

Mrs M Rees

Year 7

Mr G Larcombe

Year 8 & Director of Creative Arts

Miss L Powell

Year 8 & Assistant Head of Teaching & Learning

Mr P Brazier

Year 9 & PSHEE

Mrs R Owens

Year 9 & Head of English

Mr A Poulter-Dunford

Year 10 & Head of History

Mr I Powell

Year 11 & Director of Sport

Mrs M McCauley

Head of MFL

Mrs A Bingham

Director of Music

Mrs K Wall

Head of Learning Support